Kerala, is called as God’s own country. The people here are really helpful and kind. Tamil Nadu and Kerala are just neighbors but you actually find a great difference between the two. Tamil Nadu has been political anyway. So, Kerala and I have been related since long. I’ve been there many times but when I recall my first visit to Kerala, a wide smile flickers on my boring face.

At that time, I would have been of around seven years. We went there from our school. As young girls, we were happy in Kerala. We went to the zoo, never cared to watch the names and information about the animals. We ran here and there, glared and peered at the animals. The best thing was about the tigers and lion; we called off their names such as Kiran( or whatever they were) with great interest. We were not taken to the sea beaches as our teachers knew that we could be mischievous to a great extent…….Need I say more? There were other places too,but due to a short memory, I can not recall so many years old memories.

After that, I often visited Alleppey on errands and Munnar almost once in a year. It was only recently that I visited Trivandrum-the capital of Kerala, after so many years. This was a long trip, of around seventeen days. Basically, people just love tourist spots and say they’ve seen Kerala. My case is just a bit different-I am not interested in tourist places-I love to explore the culture and people of any place I visit.

So I’ll share two stories- in phases of course. Let me share the first one first.  The one that is bit like all that and a bag of chips. It goes as: It was my last day in Trivandrum. I have a problem in travelling by air so I always prefer train.

I took an auto from Chalai market upto Trivandrum Central Railway Station. On the way, when there was the red light, the auto driver took out a newspaper and begun reading it!!!! As I took Out my camera and clicked a picture-the green signal glowed and he put the newspaper down. My camera just had a picture of the car ahead. I waited for another red light but before that I had reached the station. Then I had to get to the platform and sat inside the train. The journey was very long and I had no thing to do. I just sat by the window side and took out my camera. I swiped all the pictures from the beginning- Beaches, market, temples, people and stuff. What caught my attention was the last picture-it was a poster  indeed. My attempt to click the picture of the auto wala had resulted into a useless picture-rear window of the car ahead. But now I realized this was not just a window, but a poster stuck behind it. I zoomed my camera and found it to be the poster of an animated film. I could obviously not read the title as it was in malayalam.  I just could read something as:

Something mesmerizing happening for the first time in Indian animation film industry.

Below the title were few names that were very small for me to read. At the bottom was the text: Search Masmarikam on YouTube.

Just as a young child at school, who follows every instruction of his teacher, I too searched for this on YouTube. The result was a video. I watched it and you are not going to believe: I could easily understand the video!!!!!! It was a movie and I understood the concept-My knowledge of Malayalam being zerooooo!!!!!!! After it was finished, I was so excited to search for the people who’ve made the film….I got to know it was by some Krishnan Potti. Then I googled the name but got just the hit-Krishnan Potti, view facebook profile. Then I immediately searched for him on facebook and read all his posts. Almost all of them were about his movies and the comments he’d received were full of appreciation for his work.

All I have to say is : Let us all watch Masmarikam and help out the most creative man of the decade-Krishnan Potti. I don’t know anything about him but just the fact that he is the most creative man I’ve ever heard of.